Part II:  Chelsea Piers (June 30, 1998)

Chelsea Piers is located along the Hudson River from about 17th to 23rd Streets.  Piers 59 to 62 were reconstucted and now house a large recreation complex.  Chelsea Piers (click on "History 101") has a web page where one may get more detailed information on the history of the area.

Pier 59 Standing on Pier 59 looking westward.  This pier is where the Carpathia deposited the Titanic's lifeboats before proceeding on to Pier 54. The Empire State Building can be seen in the background.
View looking south on the Hudson River The view of the Hudson River looking south.  The "sharp point" near the center of the image is the Statue of Liberty.  Imagine the survivors seeing a similar view as they docked.
Pier 54 area Looking south, the area where Pier 54 was located, just about at 14th Street.  This is where the Carpathia docked and the passengers disembarked.
Building with Titanic:Musical Advertisement Across the street from the former Pier 54 this building was spotted.  An appropriate location for such an advertisement.
Lusitania Photo at Chelsea Piers Walking back north through the piers I spotted a photo collection on the wall just south of pier 61.  This photo shows the Lusitania docking.  Some of these photos may also be viewed at the Chelsea Piers web site mentioned above (under "History 101").
Carpathia Photo at Chelsea Piers Description of the Carpathia Photo
Standing in front of the photo of the Carpathia Standing in front of the picture of the Carpathia.
Curiosity Seekers Await Carpathia Curiosity Seekers photo description
Pier 61 An empty Pier 61 (formerly a White Star Line pier), as if still waiting for Titanic to dock.

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