The "Big Snow" of March 17-19, 2003
A "Quick and Dirty" Online Photo Journal

The snowstorm/blizzard began late the night of Monday, March 17 as rain changing over to snow.

Tuesday, March 18 (Except for the "stitched tree" [first ever attempt at "stitching" photos], the photos are totally untouched) - Rain and snow mixed throughout the day, no mail service, some major roadways into and out of the Denver Metro area closed

Rabbit Hutches
Rabbit Hutches at 8:00 AM
Backyard at 8:00 AM
Stitched Tree
Spruce Tree 3:00 PM
Stephen with his saucer at 3:00 PM
Kyle Climbing
Kyle Climbing near driveway 6:00 PM
Ryan Playing
Ryan playing 6:00 PM
 Ford Explorer in Driveway
Ford Explorer in Driveway 6:00 PM
Krista Frolicking
Krista and Ryan play in the snow 6:00 PM

By 8:00 PM at least a foot of snow had fallen.

Wednesday, March 19 - Snow throughout the day, no mail, newspaper, or bus service, airport and most roadways into and out of the area closed

Rabbit Hutches
Rabbit Hutches 8:00 AM
Spruce Tree
Spruce Tree 8:00 AM
Lucy in a Rut
Lucy in a rut 8:00 AM
Backyard 8:00 AM
Front Side Yard
Front side yard 8:00 AM
Our House
Our house 8:00 AM
Skiing & Walking Around the Block
Skiing and walking around the block 1:00 PM
Rabbit Hutches 3:00 PM  Double Hutch 
Buck and Doe Hutches

Estimated storm total snowfall for the area - ~31 inches

Thursday, March 20 - Aftermath (All photos were taken about 10:30 AM

Our House
Our house
Solar Panels on Roof
Solar panels on roof
Stephen on X-Country Skis
Stephen trying out X-country skiing across the street

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