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Why would a Gentile Christian want to celebrate Biblical Feasts?

The Bartels Family Haggadah 2011/5771

Seder "Mini-Posters" - The Ten Plagues List, Order of Service
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Thought: "It's sad that all this had to be. People died so we'd be free. Our drops of wine fall down like tears as we retell the story every year." (From "The Ten Plagues" in A Singing Seder). Christians may change the words slightly to, "It's sad that all this had to be. Jesus (Y'shua) died so we'd be free..." While G-d's mighty acts to free Israel from slavery to Egypt showed his great love for the Jews, they pale when compared to His love shown to ALL through His mighty act of Jesus's death on the cross.

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What Other Jewish Holidays Can Believers Celebrate?
Pesach (Passover) is by far our family's favorite holiday. We are exploring other Jewish holidays and how we, as Gentile believers, can celebrate them to the glory of our L-rd. We now also celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles and recognise Hanukkah. A website that gives a good overview of Jewish holidays for believers in Messiah is Biblical Holidays: Jewish Holy Days Point to the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus). A highly recommended book about celebrating Jewish holidays is A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays by Scarlata and Pierce.

Look for G-d to act! Words cannot express the joy, awe, and spiritual growth that I experienced as I wrote and revised the Haggadah, and my family as we participate in this celebration! Each year we try to invite someone new to join us. The insight the Seder provides into our Saviour's ultimate sacrifice is incredible. We find it more moving than any traditionally Christian holiday. May our L-rd richly bless your Seder should you decide to take this step in your family's walk.

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Another Look at the 10 Plagues

I put this after the main portion of the page because the topic of this page is meant to be serious and this portion is a mix of material that is serious and more modest in import. Those who have studied the plagues have discovered that each plague sent by G-d was a symbolic "attack" on one or several of the Egyptian gods or goddesses. Depending on which study one reads, the list may be different. However, here is an example of how the Plague of Blood would have been construed by the Egyptians as an attack on their gods:
I found it fascinating to see on DVD the shrine to Hathor, the cow goddess and obvious target of the livestock plague, in FAITH LESSONS-GOD HEARD THEIR CRY (DVD MOVIE) (part of Ray Vander Laan's That the World May Know series, excellent perspecitve and study of the Exodus).  Anyway, study Bibles, books, and online resources may be consulted for more information on this topic.

Now, I am a science fiction fan and "discovered" Stargate SG-1 in 2009.  The main enemies in SG-1 are called the Goa'uld.  The history of these powerful aliens is that they came to earth in the distant past, learned about ancient human religions, and now personify the gods from these religions.  Most of the gods they chose to copy are Egyptian.  I set out to discover if I could match up at least one Goa'uld with each of the 10 plagues.  I found that I could, for the most part, successfully match up each plague with a Goa'uld and have created a poster that illustrates each of the plagues, lists the gods each of the given plagues attacks, and has a picture of the chosen Goa'uld (if available) for that plague.  It is called A Stargate Fan's Guide to the 10 Plagues.  Fans of the show will note that the star Goa'uld Apophis is not found on the poster.  Some scholars have suggested that the word translated as frogs should more accurately be rendered crocodiles.  If, indeed, the second plague was one of crocodiles, then Apophis (Apep) would be the object of said plague.